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Giese - Bathroom accessories

Bet you just don’t throw your towels on the floor at home but hang them up on a holder? Giese has the right products for exactly that. The company’s product range includes bathroom accessories, such as towel holders, shower baskets, bathtub handles, hooks, shelves and other practical products. Giese products are distinguished by a predominant material: metal. Pure brass is mainly used and is combined with other materials such as glass and textiles. Shiny brass conveys a special aesthetic. Giese manufactures its high-quality bathroom accessories in its own factory located in Westphalia - quality made in Germany.

Giese: Timeless bath accessories made of brass

Giese attaches great importance to modern design, timeless function and traditional values. The company has been manufacturing metal products for more than 130 years. The characteristic design language, which is reminiscent of Bauhaus, is especially appealing. Thanks to their classic and restrained straight lines, Giese products fit harmoniously into almost every bathroom. In addition to mounting by means of boreholes in walls, ceilings and cabinets, Giese also offers simple and residue-free mounting options of accessories with the aid of adhesive bonding. Especially important for apartments, you can upgrade your bathroom in no time and without causing any damage.

Here you’ll find the following Giese products:

  • Toilet paper holders
  • Towel holders
  • Shower baskets
  • Shower shelves
  • Grab rails
  • Hooks

High quality meets timeless design

At Giese, craftsmanship play a substantial role. The company does not focus on mass and fully automated production, but rather on traditional quality. You can see that in every product that impresses thanks to its durability and fine workmanship. Giese strives to achieve an optimal balance between shape and function. After all, the brand-name manufacturer not only wants to produce beautiful objects but also accessories that will last a long time. The timeless design language ensures that the accessories can be easily integrated into every setting and are durable thanks to the low-maintenance nature of brass.