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At TECE, comfort meets innovative function and results in modern bathroom systems. This also includes pre-wall elements and drainage systems. Flush plates, shower channels and shower toilets round out the Münsterland-based company's product range. As a global manufacturer of bathroom products and installation systems, TECE's motto is "close to you." By focusing on the customer's wishes, it creates well thought-out products with which dream bathrooms can be realized. Most TECE products disappear behind the pre-wall installations. The only visible parts are the flush plates and shower channels. The manufacturer combines permanently safe function with timeless design in its system solutions.

TECE delivers clever bathroom solutions

The pre-wall elements from TECE offer high-tech behind the wall. The pre-assembled modules range from washbasin connections to toilet modules with integrated tanks. The mounting frames withstand heavy loads and can be combined with modern designed push plates. The shower channels are also impressive, because they offer the highest level of comfort and safe drainage. Speaking of comfort, TECE's shower toilet combines convenience, design and functionality at a fair price. It dispenses with complicated technology and electricity and is simply connected to the hot water pipe.

The following TECE products are available here:

  • Flushing valves
  • Shower toilets
  • Shower channels & bath drains
  • Toilet tanks
  • Pre-wall elements
  • Toilet seats
  • Connection fittings
  • Accessories

Security & quality

"Water in, water out." TECE supports construction projects with intelligent pipe solutions according to this simple motto. Regardless of whether it is a drinking water, heating, gas or compressed air installation, TECE pipe systems always know how to impress with safety and quality: both as a connector system and as a complete system. The quick and easy installation using plug-in connections makes TECE particularly popular on construction sites.