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Barrier Free



Premium design & end-to-end solutions for your barrier-free bathroom

Limitless comfort in your bathroom: suitable for seniors, wheelchair users & disabled individuals

To ensure that you can enjoy your home without any worries well into your golden years, you need a barrier-free bathroom. After all, accidents and falls are especially common in the bathroom. In order to prevent such occurrences and make your daily personal hygiene much easier, your bathroom should meet the requirements that seniors and people with physical disabilities have.

Your barrier-free bathroom from HEWI – Quality made in Germany

The German manufacturer HEWI has been developing products that always focus on people and their needs for more than 90 years. HEWI bathroom fixtures meet the highest standards in terms of aesthetic design with consistently intuitive functionality. As a result of their reduced design, you can easily combine the modular solutions, expand them as you like and adapt them to suit your needs and space in your bathroom. You can, of course, supplement barrier-free elements with comfort-oriented products and accessories as well as develop your own individual multi-generational bathroom or design your hallways and doors to be barrier-free.

Barrier-free products from HEWI – well-thought-out down to the smallest detail

A barrier-free bathroom can be both functional and beautiful, offer safety and support and create an ambiance for feeling¨ good in combination with an outstanding design. The products of the German brand manufacturer HEWI impress thanks to their clever functionalities, ideal handling, use of high-quality, easy-to-clean materials and a reduced design language. As a result, the elements blend discreetly in with your interior design and will also be eye-catchers in combination with select colors at the same time.

If you would like to make your bathroom wheelchair-accessible, install furniture in such a way that a wheelchair user can easily reach everything while seated. That includes low shelves and cabinets as well as wheelchair-accessible washstands. You will also need sufficient space in front of the bathroom furniture to allow a wheelchair user or a person with a walker to easily maneuver or reach any cabinets.

HEWI offers a variety of systems that can also be combined for individual bathroom layouts. Every system can be used regardless of physical requirements, adapted to the user’s measurements and thus promotes his or her independence. Benefit from the large selection of models and find the right solution for every size bathroom.

Barrier-free washstands

Plan an area of 150 x 150 cm for wheelchair users and 120 x 120 cm for individuals with walkers to allow them to maneuver in front of the sink. When choosing a barrier-free washstand for your bathroom, make sure that it is also wheelchair-accessible. A wheelchair-adapted washstand keeps a wheelchair user from bumping his or her knees against the washstand while moving up to the faucet. In addition to that, the washstand should not be mounted at a height of more than 80 cm.

Minimalistic design, easy-to-clean, high-gloss surfaces and functional design characterize the variety of HEWI washstands made of molded composite minerals. The large selection of models offers suitable solutions for bathrooms of every size: from compact options for small guest bathrooms to large double washbasins for your barrier-free feel-good bathroom.

Barrier-free fixtures

In barrier-free bathrooms, you do not want to use dual-handle fixtures. Instead, single-handle fixtures with extra-long control levers are the better alternative. To operate such fixtures, only one hand is needed. While safety fixtures with scalding protection provide additional safety, thermostatically controlled fixtures also make it easier to set the right water temperature.

Shower seats for greater safety

Seats not only make showering more comfortable, but also safer. HEWI shower seats have particularly skin-friendly surfaces and has a weight capacity of up to 150 kg. In addition, shower seats are designed in such a way that they prevent slipping when wet and thus provide reliable support.

Support & grab rails for your barrier-free bathroom

Hinged support rails offer support for individuals with limited strength and mobility. With support and grab rails, you increase safety in your barrier-free bathroom – whether at the washstand, the toilet or in the shower. You need grab rails, especially for handicapped accessible toilets. To ensure ease of use, make sure that the top edge of the support rails is about 28 cm above the toilet seat and extends 15 cm beyond the front edge of the toilet. For a handicapped accessible shower, it is recommended to install rails in a vertical and horizontal position. Install the horizontal rail at a height of approx. 85 cm. Systems, whose shower head holder can also be used as a support and grab rail, are ideal and practical. L-shaped rails are also useful for helping an individual to support or pull themselves up.

Barrier-free shower

Floor-level showers are not only in line with the prevailing trend, they are also essential for a handicapped accessible bathroom. Make sure when choosing a barrier-free shower for your bathroom that it has the necessary dimensions of at least 120 x 120 cm, or 150 x 150 cm for wheelchair users and a non-slip, tiled surface that is wheelchair-accessible.

Wall-mounted support rails and a seat make a shower accessible for handicapped individuals. In such case, you can use either a folding seat that is mounted to the wall with screws or a mobile shower chair with a backrest and armrests. A mobile shower chair can also be used flexibly in other places in the bathroom.

WARM TOUCH for increased comfort

WARM TOUCH combines the visual attributes of high-gloss chrome surfaces with tactile properties of polyamide. The innovative surface makes the product feel pleasantly warm, thus contributing to a feeling of well-being.

Barrier-free bathroom mirror

HEWI mirrors complete your bathroom’s ambiance. Continuous mirrors that extend down to the top edge of the washstand are suitable, for instance, for individuals who are sitting or standing. Another alternative is a mirror that can be flexibly tilted or adjusted to your desired viewing angle using a handle.

Dispenser products

HEWI sanitizer dispenser columns combine hygiene with aesthetics. The contactless sensor-operated dispensers are ideal for entrance areas and lobbies.

Checklist for a barrier-free bathroom:

  • Doors or sliding doors that open outwards and which do not have a threshold
  • Wide entrance to the bathroom of at least 80 cm
  • Easily accessible light switches, sockets & door handles
  • Sufficient space for individuals to maneuver easily
  • Non-slip tiles & surfaces
  • Bright lights for better orientation
  • Grab rails at the toilet, sink, shower or bathtub
  • Wheelchair-accessible washstand
  • One-hand & easy-to-use fixtures with scalding protection
  • Bathtub with low entry height
  • Walk-in shower with sufficient space for maneuvering
  • Easily accessible storage space

Every limitation is individual. That’s why there is not just one barrier-free bathroom. Rather, individual solutions that match your challenges are necessary. HEWI offers a wide array of barrier-free elements for furnishing your bathroom.