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Geberit - Almost everything for the bathroom

Geberit is one of the market leaders in the bathroom and sanitary segment, since the company, which was founded in 1874, carries a large range of sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture and installation accessories. Geberit aims to create quality of life with innovative product solutions, comprehensive know-how and commitment to sustainability. Geberit products are known worldwide for highest quality and elegant design. Integrating Keramag products has further expanded Geberit’s product range. The company already demonstrated its innovative capacity in 1905: The invention of a wooden toilet tank made Geberit famous. In addition to bathroom furniture and sanitary ceramics, it is above all the technology where Geberit excels. Research is constantly being carried out in the fields of hydraulics, hygiene, structural analysis and water technology, resulting in the development of new ideas.

Geberit is a professional in the field of sanitary products

Geberit has everything in its product range from simple toilets through to luxury washlets. As the inventor of the toilet tank, toilets, toilet tanks, installation elements and flush plates are still an important part of the company’s range. The AquaClean washlet is currently the best known and most popular washlet on the market. The combination of toilet and bidet into this innovative product with sophisticated technology makes going to the toilet more hygienic and comfortable. The company Geberit also produces fixtures, shower channels, bathtubs and washbasins. The Swiss company also focuses on coordinated bathroom furnishings and presents matching products in series.

Here you’ll find the following Geberit products:

  • Bathroom furniture
  • Toilets
  • Washlets
  • Urinals
  • Bathtubs
  • Showers
  • Prewall elements
  • Toilet tanks & flush plates
  • Fixtures
  • Technical accessories

Save water & resources in your own bathroom

How can sustainability succeed in sanitary products? Geberit has an idea: especially with water-saving measures. Sustainability has always been a top priority at Geberit. The company relies on environmentally friendly and resource-efficient production of durable products that save energy and water when used by consumers. In this way, every user can create a sustainable quality of life in their own bathroom.