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Shower enclosures - Perfect protection against water splashing

When taking a shower, water does not only splash downwards, but also to the sides. There are shower enclosures to ensure that the shower’s water does not splash everywhere in the bathroom. The doors or side panels keep the floor around the shower dry. As an alternative to shower curtains, shower enclosures are practical, stable and elegant and fit in every bathroom. For many types of showers and shower bases, as well as bathtubs, we carry different models from well-known brands, such as Kermi, Ideal Standard and Geberit. Browse through our huge selection and find the right shower enclosure for your dream bathroom!

One, two or three walls - Glass or plastic: Shower enclosures are diverse

Most shower enclosures consist of glass or plastic side panels and doors. Depending on the space where the shower is to be installed, there are a wide variety options available. For instance, a corner shower may have either one door and one side panel or even two doors. A shower that is attached to only one wall has even more combination options. The type of doors also vary. In small bathrooms, we recommend installing folding doors or sliding doors. Swing doors, on the other hand, do require a little more space for opening.

In case of shower enclosures, the individual parts can be matched to one another in terms of color and functionality. There are various designs available, some made of glass or plastic, or with corner, front or open entry. For shower enclosures having the dimensions 90 x 90 cm, round shower enclosures with curved front panels are suitable for installation.

Overview of advantages of our shower enclosures:

  • High quality
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Modern & classic designs
  • Low prices
  • Delivery of appropriate mounting materials

Buy your shower enclosure online for less at SSD-Armaturenshop

At SSD, you get top-quality brand-name products and benefit from our unbeatable prices. Simple ordering processes, suitable accessories and personal advice from trade experts can be found at SSD-Armaturenshop! Please do not hesitate to contact us!