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Bathroom fixtures - Running water & comfort in your bathroom

The convenience of having running water come from a faucet is just commonplace for us nowadays. That said, bathroom fixtures are not only practical, since they can also emphasize your own personal style in your bathroom’s look. Bathroom fixtures are made up of individual parts such as water faucets, hose connectors and the corresponding mixer for cold and hot water. They are easy to use and are available in many different designs, ensuring that they match the rest of your bathroom decor. Find high-quality bathroom fixtures from well-known brands, such as Grohe, Dornbracht and Duravit, at SSD. With our bathroom fixtures, you can update your bathroom both technically and in terms of look!

From bathtubs to washstands: Bathroom fixtures for your dream bathroom

Bathroom fixtures come in different shapes and with many functions. Depending on the model, you can use the fixture to set up your bathroom functionally or make it particularly modern. Discover our high-quality bathroom fixtures for sinks, bathtubs and showers. Most importantly: at SSD-Armaturenshop, you’ll get the right accessories and small parts at the same time!

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The right bathroom fixture for your interior style

With individual fixtures on the bathtub, washstand or shower, you can cleverly draw attention to your bathroom furniture, for instance, with a bathroom fixture in black. Refined, angular bathroom fixtures with special technical functions are suited for a modern bathroom. Double-handle basin mixers of retro-design are rather classic but still trendy. White bathroom fixtures combined with wooden bathroom furniture are suited for a country house style. When making your choice, pay attention to chrome coatings and anti-limescale nozzles when you want fixtures that are particularly easy to take care of.

Your advantages at SSD-Armaturenshop

You are in good hands with us; after all, we would be very happy to advise you in detail and competently. Just give us a call and we will make sure that you get everything you need for mounting and installation with your order. We quote realistic lead times and deliver to your home as soon as possible. Use our popular online Armaturenshop!