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Purmo - Heating systems

Purmo is one of the world's best-known radiator manufacturers. The Finnish company has won over private and public customers with its modern radiators. Purmo's product range covers radiators and panel heating to ventilation systems. For the family-run business, radiators are more than just sources of heat; they also contribute to home decor and decorate rooms. Gone are the days when tubular radiators had to be hidden, because Purmo focuses on design. A Purmo radiator can even become the focal point of the room. At the same time, Purmo radiators are durable, robust and do what they promise. Purmo is also one of the leading providers of sustainable indoor climate comfort solutions.

Heating with elegance with Purmo

Purmo radiators and underfloor heating are modern heating solutions that offer the highest thermal comfort indoors. The product range includes panel radiators, bathroom radiators, design radiators, convectors, electric radiators, and surface heating and cooling systems. Some heaters, radiators and convectors can be either free-standing or wall-mounted. Thanks to the horizontal tube design, the bathroom radiators are also suitable as towel warmers. They are designed in such a way that functionality is combined with elegant design. The towel warmers are intended for connection to warm water-based heating systems, but can also be connected directly to the mains or in bivalent operation.

You will find the following products from Purmo here:

  • Bathroom radiators
  • Radiators
  • Installation accessories

Quality & technology

Purmo is all about quality. That is why the manufacturer offers a 10-year guarantee on its water-based radiators. Purmo is constantly developing new technologies and innovations that make heating even easier, more economical, more sustainable and more beautiful. The radiators are equipped with the latest control technology to optimize energy consumption and protect the environment.