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KEMPER focuses on fittings and technology involved to ensure that the water comes out of the faucet clean and safe. KEMPER, which is based in Olpe, Germany, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of valve and system technology for technical building equipment. KEMPER brand valves are primarily made of gunmetal and stainless steel. It is important that the plumbing valves are robust, corrosion-resistant and modern systems that guarantee users the highest level of safety and hygiene for building engineering. KEMPER convinces with its innovative solutions and as a pioneering innovator, especially in the drinking water hygiene sector.

The water flows thanks to KEMPER

Many parts are involved in the installation of faucets so that the water can flow in and out unhindered. KEMPER supplies the right products, such as stop valves, protection valves, balancing valves and filters, for this. The diverse product range also includes concealed valves and frost-proof outdoor valves. KEMPER products make the bathroom safer by using the latest meter technology and thermal separators. You need a lot of accessories, such as connection flanges, valves and screw connections, to connect valves and fixtures, etc. KEMPER supplies everything you need in the bathroom and kitchen.

You will find the following products from KEMPER here:

  • Connection fittings
  • Installation accessories
  • Accessories
  • Spare parts

Successful family company with an eye for safety & sustainability

When it comes to building technology, cast products and rolled products, KEMPER really is flying the flag for progress. The family-run company in South Westphalia has been in business since 1864. Today, KEMPER is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of valve and system technology for technical building equipment. KEMPER is perhaps best known for its KHS potable water hygiene system. Insidious pathogens can multiply rapidly if water is left in pipelines for too long. The system prevents this by ensuring the regular and automatic rinsing of the pipes. KEMPER uses 100% recyclable materials within a proprietary environmental and energy management system.