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High-quality connection fittings for good water flow

Connection fittings are small but very important components that are used in every house or apartment building. The inconspicuous and thus relatively small valves are usually mounted directly on the water connection on the wall. That is why they are located under the washbasin or kitchen fixtures. After all, it does not matter whether it is clothing, hands or dishes. Once the water is running, it should flow without any problems. Dripping connection valves or leaks at the feed connectors can quickly result in irritation and can ultimately damage your interior as well. At SSD-Armaturenshop, you will find high-quality, impeccably functioning valves from well-known manufacturers like Grohe, Dornbracht and Geberit.

Small valves - great effect

Conventional water supply as we know it nowadays in our homes and places of work would be practically impossible without these small valves. Even outdoor wall-mounted fittings have also proven their utility for watering one’s garden when there is no cistern or well. Connection fittings have been adapted to the range of possible uses . There are also combination angle valves, which allow more than one connection option, since the supply lines can be controlled independently of one another. They can be connected to the corresponding sink and washbasin fixtures using flexible hoses or inflexible, matched piping. In addition, they are also essential, of course, for regulating water pressure and thus the flow of cold and hot water, which can save up to 40% of the water according to experts.

The advantages offered by our connection fittings:

  • High-quality materials
  • Rugged & reliable - both indoors and outdoors
  • Low prices
  • Large selection

Get your connection fittings from SSD-Armaturenshop conveniently & at low prices

The connection fittings that we sell offer maximum quality and convenience when it comes to water connections. Be it Y-valves, accessory valves or regulating valves, of classical design or cubic or vintage look, connection fittings are no longer just technical components like they used to be. Instead, they can be easily matched or adapted to the decor or design to create the ambiance you want. Here you’ll find the right mounting materials. Leverage our expertise in this area and please do not hesitate to contact our competent staff at any time, should you have any questions or concerns!