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KEUCO wants to make a difference with its products. The functionality and product design speak for themselves and make up the KEUCO quality. The manufacturer primarily supplies bathroom furnishings. From toilet paper roll holders to bathroom furniture and fixtures, this manufacturer has a wide range of products. With high-quality and elegant KEUCO products made of chrome, wood and plastic, you set small highlights and decorate your bathroom beautifully. All KEUCO products convince customers and design juries alike with their sophisticated design, solid material quality and an extra portion of flair. The family business can look back on more than 50 years of company history, during which it has repeatedly worked with international designers.

KEUCO relies on function & design

KEUCO has numerous collections and series of bathroom accessories from which to choose. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for a simple, straightforward design or a timeless classic, KEUCO covers all possible tastes. Are you looking for a bathroom accessories set with a toilet paper roll holder, toilet brush and soap dispenser? You are in the right place here! That said, the Sauerland-based manufacturer also supplies larger bathroom furniture such as washbasins and mirror cabinets. Fixtures play an important role in every bathroom. KEUCO relies on outstanding design and durability to make theirs stand out. After all, design and function are always in the foreground at KEUCO. All of its products combine aesthetic forms with meaningful functionality.

The following KEUCO products are available here:

  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Shower sets
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Mirror cabinets
  • Mirrors

Constant improvements & innovations

“We are passionate about aesthetics in the bathroom. We are always searching enthusiastically for new forms, new materials and new technologies. And for the perfect synergy between sensuousness and sensibility,“ says former KEUCO CEO when explaining the company and its standards. Functional features that prove themselves in everyday use characterize KEUCO's innovations: for example the theft-proof toilet roll holder or the IXMO fixtures, which combine several functions in the smallest of spaces.