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Modern radiators for a warm comfortable feeling

The heat output and energy consumption are essential concerns when it comes to building a house or an apartment. Radiators must be bought and installed to suit the needs of your environment - for instance, they take up unnecessary space, heating system that are too small cannot heat large rooms in the winter, or elements that are too large will needlessly consume energy in small rooms. A heating installer can determine in advance the heating load of the corresponding room.

Comfortable atmosphere thanks to suitable radiators

Traditional ribbed radiators are no longer modern, even though they can still be found frequently in commercial spaces or restaurants that convey an industrial or retro look. Modernity has been influencing radiator or heater design so that we almost only find panel radiators nowadays - models that are known as design or flat panel radiators. No matter for which room - you will find a radiator for your needs at SSD-Armaturenshop. The selection is large, as is our expertise. Regardless of the room, whether convector, radiator or whether wall or ceiling heating - we have both the materials and the know-how. Radiators are available in different sizes, which in turn reflect the heat output in terms of flow, return and room temperature. If the heat load of the room is known, it is easy to quickly determine the appropriate heating system.

Overview of advantages of our radiators:

  • Rugged and durable models
  • Diverse and modern design selection
  • Fair prices
  • High-quality brand manufacturers

Find the ideal radiator online at SSD-Armaturenshop

Radiators do not always have to be unattractive and yet necessary components - add an attention-getter to your premises with one of our design radiators. Be inspired by the selection available in our online shop. Here you’ll also find everything you need for mounting and installation. Our team of experts would be happy to assist you!