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Toilets for beautiful bathrooms

You visit your bathroom several times a day to empty your bladder and bowels. As a result, the toilet and the room around it should be laid out to be comfortable and inviting. There are a variety of toilets in a variety of shapes, sizes and design to ensure that you feel relaxed when going to the bathroom. We carry a large selection in our shop, where you are sure to find a toilet that you like. Our product range includes high-quality and durable toilets from top brands, such as Villeroy & Boch, Geberit and Vitra. Browse through our wide variety of products available at low prices!

The right toilet for every demand

Generally speaking, there are two types of toilets: Wall-mounted and floor-mounted toilets. The wall-mounted toilets are attached to the wall and thus require rugged anchoring. Floor-mounted toilets, on the other hand, are installed on the bathroom floor and are recommended especially for heavy people. Modern bathrooms primarily rely on wall-mounted toilets, since they appear lighter and less clunky than floor-mounted versions. The toilet drain pipe can be installed either horizontal or vertical. While you can connect a wall-mounted toilet to both drain pipe variations, floor-mounted toilets only work with a vertical drain pipe. There are also differences in the type of flush systems. With wash-out toilets, bodily waste falls directly into the water, while in toilets with a ledge the waste falls on the ledge.

The advantages offered by our toilets:

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Low-maintenance & hygienic surfaces
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Selection from a wide variety of designs
  • Easy to install

Many extras for your deluxe toilet

We carry many practical extras for your toilet. Toilets with rimless bowls are especially easy to keep clean. Special coatings keep the toilet bowl free from bacteria. We also offer toilets with heated seats for cold bathrooms or sensitive buttocks. Toilet seats with a lowering mechanism are especially practical, since they close the lid quietly and automatically. At SSD, you will find a large selection and matching accessories. We would be happy to help you with your selection and advise you personally. Simple ordering processes, low prices and suitable accessories can only be found at SSD-Armaturenshop!