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Pressalit – Toilet seats

The Danish company Pressalit has been designing high-quality toilet seats since 1954. Danish design has been at the forefront since the 1960s, and it is not surprising that the “Scandinavia” model is still produced and sold today. It is the classic among toilet seats. The company became known worldwide and exports all over the world. However, Pressalit also attaches great importance to quality and technology. First-class, flawless design and reliable functionality are the characteristics of the product range, which also includes barrier-free bathroom products. Discover Pressalit toilet seats with or without the soft close function, made of Duroplast or wood, in various designs and colors. The manufacturer has the right toilet seat for every toilet.

Pressalit impresses with Danish design

We use toilet seats and open and close them several times a day, so the quality has to be right. Pressalit ensures its toilet seats are durable using various high-quality hinges. The toilet seats fit different toilets, depending on the toilet manufacturer or the shape. Simply compare the dimensions. Pressalit also produces toilet seats with a soft close lowering mechanism and padded toilet seats. It even has a special toilet seat for children (Pinocchio).

We sell the following products from Pressalit:

  • Toilet seats
  • Accessories

Manufactured in Denmark

Pressalit attaches great importance to living in harmony with its environment: with people and nature. The company's main product (Duroplast toilet seats) is manufactured by Pressalit itself. The raw material is pressed into heated molds under high pressure and high temperature. The toilet seat is then ground, polished and fitted with hinge joints before it can be boxed. Any waste generated during production is recycled to the greatest possible extent.