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MEPA – Bathroom innovations

MEPA's bathroom installation technology is innovative and meets the highest quality standards. The company supplies installation frames for systems such as pre-wall installation elements, concealed toilet tanks and shower channels, but especially installation technology for bathroom furniture. But you can also get everything else that you need as accessories for your bathroom renovation from MEPA. The family-run business from North Rhine-Westphalia supplies the technical foundations for every bathroom. The technology invisibly disappears behind the walls and in the floor, creating modern bathrooms that primarily look cozy. MEPA has decades of experience and extensive development and production expertise in metal and plastic injection molding processing. In combination with bathroom electronics, MEPA provides you with products that simply work and enable extraordinary bathroom designs with innovative solutions.

MEPA pre-wall elements & more

MEPA offers support and mounting systems with sound insulation and stability to ensure that the bathtub or shower base stands securely. MEPA's pre-wall elements for toilets, washbasins, urinals and other products leave nothing to be desired. Various functional elements in system construction heights ranging from 85 to 120 cm offer a variety of installation possibilities in the pre-wall. This also includes electronic actuation systems and flush plates for toilets and urinals. MEPA ensures that everything is easy to install: behind the wall for safety and in front of the wall for a clean look.

You can find these MEPA products in our shop:

  • Bathtub mounting systems
  • Pre-wall elements
  • Flush plates
  • Washbasin faucets
  • Accessories
  • Spare parts

Innovative & sustainable

MEPA has been relying on innovative bathroom products for more than 50 years. MEPA was one of the first German companies to develop a system for pre-wall installations for drywall installation. This technology allows for faster, more rational and tidier bathroom renovations. Environmentally friendly production processes, the use of innovative technologies and forward-looking bathroom concepts, tested safety according to the highest standards, the selection of the right materials, and water- and energy-saving products are a matter of course for MEPA.