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KWC fixtures

Many high-quality products come from Switzerland, such as the fixtures from manufacturer KWC. You can see the quality at first glance. KWC focuses on providing kitchen and bathroom fixtures as well as commercial kitchen fixtures for the food service industry and shower heads. KWC wants water to be an Experience. The Swiss Water Experience has convinced customers and design juries with functionality, innovation and design competence. The traditional Swiss company KWC improves bathrooms and kitchens with intelligent faucet solutions. From the idea through product design to manufacture and packaging, all of the fixtures are made in Switzerland and bear the "Swiss made" seal of quality.

KWC fixtures for the kitchen & bathroom

KWC's kitchen fixtures not only impress people with their outstanding quality, their style and design are in no way inferior to the whole. The different looks of the series range from functional and classic elegance to modern with straight lines to extravagant and futuristic. In the bathroom, too, KWC's good design enhances the entire room. Exciting lever mixer decorations or faucets reminiscent of sculptures stand out from other bathroom fittings in terms of their aesthetics, functionality and high quality.

We carry the following KWC products here:

  • Kitchen fixtures
  • Washbasin fixtures
  • Shower fixtures
  • Bathtub fixtures
  • Commercial kitchen fixtures

Swiss quality

One hundred and forty years of experience in water management and highly developed technologies ensure high standards at KWC, which the company always meets. As a fittings manufacturer, the company is aware that we have to use water, the most important resource in life, in a sustainable manner. The company keeps the quality of the products up to date with ongoing modernization and regular company certifications, such as environmental management systems.