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herzbach combines outstanding functionality, tasteful design and state-of-the-art technology into affordable fixtures. The family-owned business from a small town near Hamburg designs kitchen and bathroom fixtures that are both affordable for everyone and also offer high quality thanks to high-quality materials and workmanship. herzbach has a versatile range, whether it be for the kitchen sink, the washbasin or the shower. The company offers something for every furnishing taste - from classic, nostalgic or futuristic. At herzbach, the form and the function are always right.

herzbach fixtures for bathrooms & kitchens

herzbach's nostalgic and classic washbasins, shower heads and bathtub fixtures are noteworthy. Elegantly curved shapes meet the latest technologies. herzbach also picks up on the latest trends: cool, slender fixtures, in black or square and reduced - you will find the perfect fixtures for every bathroom. Are you looking for a manufacturer that brings modern functionality to your bathroom? herzbach ensures high-end technology in your shower. Shower columns and shower sets give you that spa-like feeling at home. From gently trickling rain showers to powerful massage jets with LED lighting, discover the variety of shower systems from herzbach.

We carry the following herzbach products:

  • Kitchen faucets
  • Sink faucets
  • Bath and shower fixtures
  • Shower systems & shower sets
  • Bidet taps

Unique fixtures for customized bathrooms & kitchens

Developing high-quality fixtures with a noticeable signature is an art that herzbach has been working on for many decades. The fixtures bring uniqueness to every bathroom and kitchen. One of the company's core tasks is designing faucets and showers that are anything but mainstream. herzbach also impresses with smart technology behind the walls. You can flush-mount the Logic Plus Washbasin Box to the wall and use it to control the temperature of up to three consumers.