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ESS - Walk-in showers

If you want to install a walk-in shower, you should definitely look at ESS. After all, the high-quality bathroom drains and shower channels are outstanding in terms of comfort and quality. The company has stood for durability and the latest developments in sanitary facilities since 1928. This is proven by the well-known Easy Drain shower channels. ESS specializes in professional wastewater solutions for every need and situation. The product range of the Dutch family-owned company also includes wall niches and bathroom accessories.

Simple & elegant solutions for shower drains

ESS stands for easy sanitary solutions. ESS shower channels and bathroom drains are simple, practical and elegant. The innovative Easy Drain system and clever design shower channels are a stylish addition to any barrier-free walk-in shower. Shower channels disappear practically in the floor and are able to drain off a lot of water at once. ESS offers shower channels in a wide variety of different designs and sizes. Thus, there are models that are suited for every bathroom situation and size. Space-saving solutions, such as the wall container series, in which you can store your toiletries and bathroom supplies, are trend-setting, high-quality bathroom solutions.

ESS offers the following products:

  • Shower channels
  • Floor drains
  • Containers
  • Shower plates
  • Accessories

Quality, sustainability & outstanding design

In addition to its drain fittings, ESS also impresses with its bathroom accessories. Wall niches are also part of ESS’ product range. ESS attaches great importance to quality and sustainability, durability and design for all of its products. ESS products are known worldwide for their exquisite design and have received many international design and innovation awards.